James Gillen


A dedicated place for sports footage. The app allows users to record their route and share it with the world, compete in races, find out statistics, and look at ranking data. Combined with a Go Pro, live action recording and route data is available on the web interface.

Design key pages of the Col8 website, IOS application and desktop application putting users first to make it an easy experience.

Create a look that fits within the action sports genre but allows Col8 to stand out. Develop reusable elements that can be rolled out by the Col8 team.

Allowing users to quickly see which riders are trending, search the archives and see what other users are doing at a glance.


The main page of the application, showing users the Go Pro video and the route at the same time. Also displaying statistics, user information and other routes.

ios app

A seamless experience between mobile and desktop. A visual style that is striking and assets that can be used across various mediums. Sign up for the beta release here.