James Gillen


Flexology is dedicated to improving flexible work opportunities in the South West. The benefits of flexible working are compelling and there are now evidenced links to improved business and financial performance.

User interface design Wireframing HTML style guide

Design the Flexology website making sure the site is easy to understand without compromising aesthetics. The core goal was to help users find flexible jobs.

Design a simple, clear navigation system that allows users to see recent news, jobs and events. Creating a platform people want to get involved in. Make sure the site is approachable.

A quick look into what Flexology have to offer to promote exploration. Fun, clear and approachable.

A simple way to help users sign up, giving them a short introduction but with the option to read more. Leaving the form visible from the first scroll.


A series of flat designs for the key eight templates and an HTML style guide with all key elements designed responsively.

An approachable new platform to help people work remotely and improve business performance.